Benefits of impact kickboxing


Your training begins every 2 minutes!



Our training sessions begins every two minutes.  With no structured class time, you don't waste time. We fit YOUR schedule!  With heart pounding music, Impact Kickboxing has the best of Taekwondo kicks, Boxing, Yoga stretches, Resistance Exercises and Aerobics. Impact Kickboxing adds important self-defense techniques like jabbing, kicking, punching and blocking.  Impact KB will sculpt your body, and add shape and definition to your physique. It incorporates Krav Maga self-defense that will make all of the moves you learn effective when and if it is ever needed. 


Burn 800 Claories in one session!


 We use Focus-Master stationary targets that provides application of correct technique. Workout takes place in an atmosphere that motivates, and excites. Workout with a supportive small group that keeps you pumped up and engaged, while getting the personal attention you need from our martial arts instructors and professional trainers. Learn combinations that have been proven in the ring. Mix in exercises to create the most effective way to burn calories and lose weight.


Personal Training


Making the decision to join a fitness studio that you will feel comfortable in is the first step toward improving your health and quality of life. When you surround yourself with the right group of people, reaching your fitness goal becomes much more attainable. At Impact KB we offer one-on-one Personal Training sessions for when you’re looking for individual attention to either supplement your current regimen or to just give you the jump-start you need to refocus

We love impact kickboxing!

I lost 40 pounds.


I lost over 40 pounds in 6 months of training.  I love the personal coaching that this program offers.

I feel more confident.


Having certified black belt instructors teach the proper techniques makes a huge difference.  I can hit and kick with impact and confidence.  I know the self defense techniques will work!

Best shape of my life!


This program works every part of your body.  Workouts are never boring , everyday is a new routine.  It keeps me challenged and focused on my physical goals.

Classes on my time.


I love the fact that classes are on my time and not on their schedule. I can begin when I get there.  Workouts start every 2 minutes! It's easier to fit 30 minutes into my busy schedule.

Schedule is flexible.


I have kids that do taekwondo at the same time that I do my 30 minute workout! It's great that my family can workout at the same time in different classes.  It's a great schedule!

It's fun and movtivating.


The all around benefits of Impact is great.  I get the best of taekwondo, boxing and self defense.  All with fun, motivating, and exciting music and friends!  We love it!

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3 trial workouts for $19.99 with gloves.

Try out Impact Kickboxing training program for three workouts.  You will be amazed at the energy level and fitness fo our program. You will love it!

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