Master Na Martial Arts - "Be Your Best Self"

Master Na Martial Arts - "Be Your Best Self"Master Na Martial Arts - "Be Your Best Self"

Keep your kids active with Virtual taekwondo class


Release Pent Up Kids Energy During "Shelter In" Order


Release Pent-Up Kid Energy  with our Virtual Martial Arts Classes.

  1. With the COVID-19 "shelter in" order kids can't come to our school, so we will bring the class to them. Kids have energy and need exercise. We have the solution.  Try our virtual martial arts class.  They will meet new friends, learn something new and get plenty of exercise. We can help keep your child healthy and happy. 
  2. Try our FREE trial until the "shelter in" order is lifted.  This is a community service provided our school.  No further obligations. You have everything to gain!


Online ZOOM Daily Classes

  • New Student FREE Trial. Mon-Fri  4-4:30 pm

  • Monday to Thursday:  
  • 4:30-5 pm     Jr. Tigers                 Instructor: Master Karla
  • 5 -5:20            Lil' Dragons           Instructor: Mr. Alex
  • 5:30-6 pm      Basic: White to Adv. Yellow
  • 6 -6:30            Advanced:  Green to Black

Special Class

  • Monday & Wed.  Black Belt Class at 6:30-7
  • Tuesday & Thurs.  Black Belt Test Prep 6:30-7
  • Friday   All belt class 4-4:30 & WE team 4:30-6

Keep them active.

KEEPING YOUR KIDS HEALTHY AND HAPPY IS A PRIORITY. We teach Discipline, Confidence & Self-Control EVERY DAY.

  • TRY SOMETHING NEW THAT YOUR CHILDREN WILL LOVE! Keep your kids active, occupied and out of trouble.  
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IMPROVES KIDS’ HEALTH.  We all need exercise, especially kids.  They need physical activity every day.
  • KEEP THEM ON A NORMAL SCHEDULE.  Kids need structure. With online school, homework and tests, they need a schedule. Exercise should be a part of their everyday schedule.  Besides, even the most involved parents need a break.
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PROMOTES GOOD MENTAL HEALTH.  Kids get stressed too.  Kids need ways to manage their anxiety and stress.   
  • TEACH YOUR KIDS THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCIPLINE.  Discipline and Confidence preceds success.  We teach 21 valuable life skills.


We are celebrating our 40th year!

A long, long time ago... far, far, a small college town....

 a young, energetic, martial artist, who wanted to share his knowledge began teaching taekwondo. It has been 40 years since Grand Master Na began to teach his skills to a handful of students. Teaching thousands of students, hundreds of black belts, and mentoring them all to achieve martial arts success. 

You too can be a part of this legacy! Join today and see how our program can help you to “be your best self!”

40th Anniversary Seminar & Black Belt Promotion Test. October 2 &3 2020.

We are reaching out to all past and current students of Grand Master Na to participate in a weekend of seminars, memories, demonstrations and black belt promotion. Click the button below to register for this special event!

About Us

Kids Love Our Amazing Program

Kids Love Our Amazing Program

Kids Love Our Amazing Program


 Master Na Martial Arts teaches award-winning programs for students of all ages that are focused on character development and life-skills education. Our professional caring instructors teach traditional martial arts with contemporary application. The traditional values of respect, discipline and perseverance are woven into fun and exciting classes. Our 21 life skills curriculum is second to none in character development. We are proud of our over 200 National Champions in sport taekwondo. Our balance of teaching martial arts, character development and realistic self-defense will help you succeed in life.   

Adult Taekwondo & Fitness

Kids Love Our Amazing Program

Kids Love Our Amazing Program


  YOU can be a black belt! It is never too late to begin training in the martial arts. For adults, taekwondo is the exercising tonic that reawakens the muscles you “once” had. Martial arts training will make you feel safe and confident. It gets you fit fast and is an excellent way to manage stress.    

Impact Krav Maga

Impact Krav Maga

Impact Krav Maga


  Impact Krav Maga is an effective street defense system. Everything from physical attacks, knife or gun attacks and ground defense can be learned in a short time. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. It is the most effective techniques distilled from every martial art. You can lose weight, burn fat, get strong and learn the most effective techniques on the planet.   Krav classes are offered at both Federal Way and Lacey locations. 


Impact Krav Maga

Impact Krav Maga


The TKX (Taekwondo Extreme) program combines:

1. The flexibility of GYMNASTICS.

2. The strength and agility from OBSTACLE training.

3. The coordination and power of MARTIAL ARTS skills.

4. The creativity from freestyle movement. PARKOUR.

TKX students’ progress individually, at their own pace.  Although class are taught in a group, each student works on the skills they need to progress to the next level.  TKX students learn gymnastics, strength training, taekwondo skills (kicks, blocks and strikes), and obstacle training.  TKX is all-new sport and discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour. 

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Federal Way School

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Federal Way School

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